Asylum-seeker containment is wrong

'Othering' the most vulnerable will lead to internment camps

One Life To Live believes that refugees and asylum-seekers deserve better than Britain’s hostile environment. We all have just one life to live: there’s no do-over. We risk ruining the only life asylum-seekers will ever have.

Working collaboratively with confidential sources, NGOs, local campaign groups, local authorities, accountants, lawyers and journalistsOne Life To Live challenges public preconceptions of asylum issues, campaigns against large-scale asylum-seeker containment sites, and shines a light on different perspectives within these stories.

Briefings & activity

Photo of the Bibby Stockholm barge, a quasi-detention site for asylum-seekers

The Bibby Stockholm - Quasi-detention

A comparison of the conditions at the site of the Bibby Stockholm barge with the 6 features of quasi-detention as outlined by the APPG on Immigration Detention.

Bibby Stockholm barge -Floating Grenfell report

The Bibby Stockholm - a floating Grenfell?

This briefing splashed in the Times, leading to demands from the Fire Brigades Union and a postponement of the arrival of asylum-seekers on the Bibby Stockholm barge.

The real costs of the Bibby Srockholm barge

The Bibby Stockholm - at what cost?

This comprehensive report finds that (despite government promises) the barge will cost MORE per head than hotels, and does nothing to reduce the £5.6m daily hotel bill.

Bibby Marine - Roots in the slave trade

One Life To Live partnered with the Refugee Council to send an open letter to Bibby Marine, asking them to acknowledge their roots in the transatlantic slave trade.

Traumatised asylum-seeker gazing out to sea

The Bibby Stockholm - The trauma of water

People who've made treacherous sea journeys may be retraumatised by having to live on water. They're also much less likely to survive if they end up in the water.

Asylum sites - why are they in Tory seats?

Since 2020, 13 of the 15 asylum containment sites announced have been in Conservative constituencies, almost all in England, almost all with senior MPs. What's going on?

Donate to the legal challenge to the Bibby Stockholm

The Mayor of Portland has let the Home Office know that she’s seeking a judicial review of their decision to place the Bibby Stockholm at Portland Port. While she’s willing to front the claim, clearly she can’t afford to fund it herelf – and nor should she. Can you support her?   

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